Induction Governance

Good induction retains staff and improves the delivery of care provision.
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About the course

This course helps owners and managers understand induction better and helps new staff appreciate why their induction matters. Thus, health and social care employers benefit from a reduction in the ‘induction burden’ (as it is sometimes put) and an increase in the worth of good induction
To make induction more meaningful, this Social Care TV course is what you need.
The inclusion of suggested induction programmes, which you can adapt to your circumstances, makes this resource an invaluable training asset that paves the way for induction and vocational qualifications.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for health and social care employers.

What does the course cover?

  • Medication
  • Why induction matters
  • Developing confidence and competence
  • Categories of induction
  • Delivery of induction
  • Written induction policy
  • Signing off induction
  • Fire
  • Security
  • The organisation
  • Health & safety
  • Abuse & neglect
  • Infection control
  • Safe handling
  • Emergencies
  • First aid
  • Codes of practice
  • Aims and objectives
  • Partnerships
  • Relationships
  • Reliability
  • Dependability
  • Principles of care
  • Promoting independence
  • Confidentiality
  • Needs
  • Wishes
  • Preferences
  • Care planning
  • Risk taking
  • Communication
  • Record keeping
  • Personal care
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Promoting continence
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Dementia
  • Syndromes & conditions
  • Dying, death & bereavement
  • Seeking help
  • Policies & procedures
  • Knowledge & experience
  • Development and supervision
  • Personal development plans