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An online-learning programme is a great way for students and working professionals to enhance their education, knowledge and skills. No1 Healthcare Training is an online e-learning platform for health and social care workers to upskill and get certified in any subject of their choice. We have a large basket of online e-learning courses making it easy for candidates to upgrade their skills and prepare for the job market.
Our programmes allow candidates to obtain qualifications in a certain area without spending the amount of time required for a traditional degree. Certificate programmes from No1 Healthcare Training can often be completed in a short period of time and offer the candidate the opportunity to learn new skills as quickly as possible. An online certificate can help students learn whenever they have free time by offering coursework, reading assignments, and taking quizzes online. This makes it an excellent choice for working professionals who do not have the time to pursue a full time degree.

E-Learning Platform For Organisations

E-learning is a learning method which is spreading widely, also in the business environment. With our e-learning programmes we help businesses and organisations achieve and meet compliance and training requirements of employees.
Our primary focus is to help organisations use our platform to create and distribute relevant custom eLearning programmes or courses that meet the organisation’s learning goals.
Our LMS platform helps strengthen the organization’s workforce efficiency with the right knowledge transfer process. Courses offered over e-learning platforms offer a great amount of flexibility to employees as it is possible to choose a convenient time and date to schedule a course. Moreover e-learning is a method for distributing training programmes at any time, anywhere, and at a cost that is economically advantageous.

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Our courses are accessible through the No1 Healthcare Training Online E-Learning Platform 24/7 from anywhere in the world.