Dementia Awareness

Whether you are a newcomer to providing dementia care or have considerable experience, this course will cover all you need to know. Course Description Syllabus Care Certificate Related courses

About the course

With Social Care TV online dementia care training, you don’t need to buy two or three dementia courses or products to get the whole picture. This dementia care training course covers all you need to know in an interesting and informative way, just what you’re looking for.

Who is this course for?

If it is for induction, vocational, refresher or management training, this is a course you will find invaluable.

What does the course cover?

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multi-infarct dementia (M.I.D.)
  • Lewy body dementia
  • Pick’s disease
  • Korsakoff’s syndrome
  • Aphasia
  • Apraxia
  • Agnosia
  • Early stages of dementia
  • Importance of early detection
  • The progressive stages
  • Later stage dementia
  • Changing care needs
  • Informing the sufferer
  • How significant others cope
  • Managing risk
  • Informed judgementsAdvocacy
  • Life history
  • Promoting wellbeing
  • Setting goals
  • Communication
  • Medication
  • Environment
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • WanderingFood and nutrition
  • Continence
  • Activities
  • Sexuality